Maje is one of the best and standard brands that I have two pieces. When I lived on the waterfront in Williamsburg, my apartment was very close to Maje and Sandro. So I always check what collection they have every season. And I can tell that most of their collections are on my street. I like almost every piece. So in my review section, I decided to make this a review of my clothes for you.

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Maje is a Paris-based clothing brand. Judith Milgram founded Maje in 1998. She was inspired by modern and sophisticated Parisian women, and she successfully translated Parisian chickens for women all over the world. So today, this successful brand has 448 stores in 37 different countries. Understand its core customers very well. Maje woman always looks chic, standard and has a sophisticated sense of style. You can see it in almost all of my pieces. I really like it when a brand doesn't fall prey to current trends and always sticks to its core identity and DNA. Maje is one of the rare successful companies that can get it that is always related to its customer.
Yes. I am telling you this from my experience. Maja's classic pieces like white button downs, leather jackets, or wool coats are always very standard that you can wear for many years. Truth be told, I see Maje as Inain Bang's Parisian sister who lives up to her customer's needs in terms of quality. In terms of size, I've heard most people underestimate Maje and Sandro. I'm sure the US size is always a bit wider and wider than EU-based brands. When I travel to Turkey every summer, I get frustrated because all the Turkish brands make me one or two sizes bigger than my American size. So I think this misunderstanding comes from the size systems in Europe and the United States.

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