So you are trying to know Cricket Easy Press. What it is, what it does, and if you really need it. After all ... you already have iron! Isn't it the same thing No, it's not the same thing ... although when I first started crafting with my cricket, I totally thought they could swap .So today we are going to look at all things Cricut Easy Press. I will answer your questions, show you the whole line and then we will do a project so that you can see this child in action.

What is Cricket Easy Press?

Cricket Easy Press is a hybrid between iron and heat press. It has the quality and accuracy of a heat press but with the convenience of iron. You can use it (with your cutting machine) to transfer iron on vinyl or impregnable ink to fabric or other surfaces .There are four different sizes that come in different colors (although I clearly think rose is the best color!) Easy press money. 6 × 7 Easy Press 2 (no photo) 9 × 9 Easy Press 2. 12 × 10 Easy Press 2.


Let's deal with this question first. Yes you can use iron. I've done it a few times and it works (just check out this unicorn shirt if you want to see the iron in action) .The thing is, though, that while iron works, it doesn't work well. This little unicorn shirt took me a long time to iron and I didn't know better than that at the time. I think I also mentioned in the post how easy it is to use iron and HTV .What I learned after buying my first simple press is that it shouldn't take 20-30 minutes to iron the HTV design. This should take 15-30 seconds. Take a look at the graphic above and you will understand why. Iron is designed for a completely different purpose than on; it only heats up in the middle and it certainly doesn't fit across the board. This means you have to move your iron into your design until you heat each part with the middle part of your iron .And you have to lift, hold, hold and repeat for 20 seconds; slipping the iron as if you were ironing can cause you to change your design. Easy press, on the other hand, was literally made for that. Which means it gets hot; it gets hot everywhere. The heat is uniform throughout the plate and you can cover your entire design in one press; do not press, move, press, move, press, move; repeat 30 times. It really depends on what you intend to make! There is an error in all sizes so you can decide which one is best for you .But if you want a quick answer, I'll start at 9: 9. If you are using only one machine then this is what I will get; for the other machine either mini or big 12 × 10 would be my choice.Depending on whether you are interested in big or small projects.

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