Since there's nothing like going straight to the source for an answer, and since our menswear critic Guy Trebay is on the front lines (or front row) of this issue at the menswear shows right now, I asked him. How they translate the latest designer developments into the everyday men's wardrobe. Here's the intel he sent back from the theater of operations: A tailored suit—or a jacket worn with one of a variety of trouser options—is now a universal favorite among designers. (We're talking about conservative designers, not the ones recommending fur pants or zip-flap-front leather shorts.) A good formula seems to be wearing a suitable article of clothing as an anchor and then wearing yourself. Make happy. This could mean a blazer or cover jacket or even an untucked shirt with a square tail (think guayabera) over trousers. These are available at all price levels from Broni to Uniqlo. As for the pants, despite Jerry Seinfeld's insistence that anyone over 30 has no business wearing jeans, I still have them. The choices are many, although straight-leg and dark indigo selvage denim is a classic (no jeggings, saggers or whackadoodle washes, please). Personally, I like Los Angeles label Hiroshi Kato. Yes, they are expensive, but they wear like iron and go right in the wash. (Just cool, please, and hang dry.) No matter how you pair them, these GQ-approved spring dresses will fit perfectly. Think of them as a Czech-Korean electric band for your wardrobe, a funky fusion of forward-thinking pieces and timeless classics to create an endless array of impeccable spring menswear. . From crisp button-downs and trippy hats to spring colognes and wild shorts, here's the spring clothes for men you need for the wildly stylish season ahead. Fashion, you'll be relieved to hear, is getting closer to normal.
The recent spring-summer 2022 menswear season saw more IRL shows than the previous two seasons, and the designers seemed even happier, many of them showing a new creative energy that has been off and on. was done Not seen during download. Chances are you live in the UK, so you know that temperatures in this country are often too hot for coats and too cold for t-shirts. This is the price we pay to live on an island driven by the Gulf Stream, the whims of the people. Fortunately, menswear designers around the world have come up with a clever idea of making a cardigan coat this season. Cardigan Coats Coats that are actually cardigans are otherwise known as heavy knit cardigans. We've been talking about the sleeveless trend for a while now, so excuse us for starting over. This change first came to our attention when a whole host of designers, including Prada and Marni, started showing clean sweater vests, while recently Riccardo Tisci unveiled his entire menswear collection. For Spring Summer 2022, the trend has gone into overdrive, with sleeveless numbers at Erdem and Paul Smith, and sleeveless smart vest styles at Korge and Giorgio Armani. Not worn with blazers and probing jackets. The trend remained at its strongest level. It's no secret that the way we dress for work has changed dramatically. Once it was two pieces of gray sharkskin worn with a shirt five days a week, now even the most independent workplaces are loosening their ties. Yes, for the most part, picking two pieces is easy. The sofa can just as easily be worn as an office or for a quick pop round to the corner shop.

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